Get your brows beautiful – ready for the summer!

You might be jetting off to the sunshine or just looking forward to relaxing in the Lay-Z Spa this summer but there is no reason you shouldn’t have beautiful brows whatever the weather and with Semi Permanent Makeup – you no longer need to worry about your pencilled in brows smudging or coming off whilst you’re dipping in and out of the pool. Breathtakingly realistic, Charmaine has established an international reputation for her life-like 3D Hairstroke Brows and her technique is so close to the real thing it is almost impossible for the casual observer to tell the difference – even under close scrutiny!

Do Your Brows Make You Feel Self Conscious?

Hate the thought of your eyebrows rubbing off through the day, going swimming and smudging them or a gym session. Having semi-permanent makeup brows would mean this would be a thing of the past.