Stretch Marks

Small scar-like streaks on the skin are likely to be stretch marks.

These will appear on areas such as: hips, stomach, thighs and buttocks and are not the result of torn skin on the surface – unlike usual scarring. When a stretch mark is new, it will be red or purple in colour, fading to a silvery tone as it matures.

This skin irregularity will often develop as a cluster of lesions, commonly affecting adolescents, pregnant women and those who’ve experienced weight gain / significant weight loss. Their appearance is not always considered to be desirable and affected people often feel the need to keep the area covered. 

About this Condition

Suggestive of their name stretch marks develop when the skin is stretched over a relatively short space of time. There are periods when the body experiences growth spurts, and rapid changes in shape.

Puberty is a common example of this as (especially for girls) the body takes on a more adult form. The skin is usually quite good at stretching to accommodate growth, but when it happens at a fairly rapid rate it causes collagen and elastin fibres to rupture. Like any other injury to the skin and tissues, the body will work to repair the damage, producing new collagen at the site and the subsequent development of soft streaks on the skin. This same process will play out on the tummy of a pregnant woman as the baby grows, and when a person’s body shape and size gets bigger due to weight gain. 

Stretch marks may also appear following significant weight loss due to heavy excess sagging skin pulling down and causing the tear to underlying, fibrous tissues.

Although stretch marks may fade and soften in appearance over time, it is unlikely they will disappear altogether. Beau Boutique performs the DermaPen 4 microneedling treatment or morpheus8 for those who are looking to get rid of stretch marks and restore a smooth, even surface of the skin. 

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