Wrinkly Hands

Wrinkly hands are a common ageing-related concern that may also appear alongside prominent veins, dry skin and age spots.

Affected people may feel that the appearance of wrinkly hands also gives the perception that the person is older than they look.

Wrinkly hands can affect both men and women, usually as they get older, and many women find the concern becomes more prevalent as a result of the menopause.

About this Condition

The hands are exposed to many elements on a daily basis, including: UV rays, chemical products, soaps, detergents and other environmental conditions.

These factors can affect the tone and texture of the skin which also changes from the added effects of the ageing process. The skin on the hands is usually thinner than other areas of the face and body, so will experience volume loss more notably. As a result the veins on the top of the hands can become more visible, and the fingers may start to look bony.

Dry skin is a particular issue with the hands which can contribute to the skin having a wrinkly / crepey look. The use of soap and cleaning products throughout the day can strip the skin of essential moisture, causing them to go dry. Dry skin can progress if it’s not tended to which may lead to cracked skin that can bleed.

It’s important not to forget about skincare for the hands and a moisturiser should be applied on a daily basis. We should also ensure the skin on the hands is protected against the effects of the sun through the regular use of SPF. Beau Boutique can replenish the structure of the skin for soft, youthful looking hands.