Sagging Skin / Turkey Neck / Sagging Neck

When sagging skin affects the face, it’s usually noticeable around the lower part; namely the jawline, chin and neck.

This can lead to conditions such as: jowls, a double chin and a sagging neck (also known as ‘turkey neck’). As well as causing a heavy look to develop around the lower face, these concerns can also contribute to the tired look that is characteristic of the ageing process.

The general appearance of sagging skin / turkey neck / sagging neck will depend on the individual, and their genetics. These concerns, like many other ageing-related conditions, can become more prominent as a result of sun exposure, smoking, a poor diet and alcohol.

About this Condition

When discussing concerns that are related to ageing, the loss of collagen and elastin is a common theme. These substances are proteins that are naturally produced by the body and are responsible for the skin’s firm, full and buoyant qualities.

From the age of around 20+ their production will slow down and their levels are not replenished as effectively. This leads to a decline that results in decreased tissue mass with skin that’s less able to bounce back. Over time, the skin around the jawline, cheeks, under the chin and neck will start to sag. We also need to consider the effects of gravity here, as it pulls down on weakened skin.

There are a number of things we can do to help maintain a strong and healthy skin structure. More and more clients are learning about the importance of a good skincare regime, and a daily application of SPF. Combining this with regular facials and other rejuvenating treatments can restore the inner structure and lessen the signs of ageing. At Beau Boutique we’ll conduct a thorough consultation and skin analysis to find the right solution for each client.