Lumps, Bumps and Lesions

There are many skin irregularities that come under the category of lumps, bumps and lesions, including: milia, cherry angioma, skin tags and warts.

At Beau Boutique we often treat these concerns using the innovative CryoPen which works to remove them by freezing the core structure. This helps to effectively destroy the lesion so it falls off, leaving behind a smoother surface to the skin. The results can also help to improve self-esteem as the affected person no longer feels embarrassed by the lesion’s appearance and the need to cover it up.

About this Condition

Each lump, bump and lesion has its own individual appearance, and their cause may vary from each other. So let’s take a look at them one by one:

Milia – also known as milk spots, these small white cysts usually develop on the face, particularly around the eyes. They form as a result of dead skin cells trapped in the skin and are not found to cause any harm. They can disappear on their own but this may take some time;

Cherry angioma – these small, red skin growths are a collection of blood vessels. Their exact cause is not widely known, but they are thought to be linked to genetics, hormones, exposure to certain chemicals / medications and ageing. It’s usually older adults who seem to develop this concern;

Skin tags – small growths that are soft and skin-coloured are made up of nerves, blood vessels and fat cells that are covered in skin. They are not harmful but often cause aesthetic concern as well as being at risk from snagging on clothing. They usually appear in places where the skin rubs together or in folds such the armpits or neck; 

Warts – these skin-coloured bumps on the skin’s surface are caused by the HPV virus. For some people they can be sore and itchy, and they may also spread. Although they are most commonly found on the fingers and toes, they can appear anywhere on the body.