About Beau

Your Treatment Journey

At Beau Boutique, all of our treatments and consultations are of the highest professional standards and offer expert advice from experienced practitioners.


Your Journey

Your Pre-treatment Consultation with our Team

We take great pride in ensuring every client has a premium experience when visiting the salon and great care is taken to ensure we support you every step of the way when you choose to visit us for any treatment or course of procedures.

Your journey begins with a private consultation. This is usually carried out in-person at the Salon, but we are also able to do this virtually if this is more convenient. Our consultations are informal, and provide a great opportunity for us to meet.

Not only can we thoroughly assess your concerns and discuss your medical history, we can also have the chance to get to know each other as people, and not just as client and practitioner. By getting a true understanding of who you are, your motivations and treatment expectations, can we work together to devise the best treatment plan for your needs.


How we guide you through your treatment and care for you

After learning about your recommended treatment, and taking the time to consider your options, we’ll book you in for your treatment – at a time that’s convenient for you. You’ll also be made aware of any pre-treatment considerations before your appointment.

On your treatment day you’ll be free to take in your surroundings and become acquainted with our luxurious facilities. We’ll make sure you’re expertly guided through the entire treatment process, ensuring you’re kept informed at every stage. Before you leave the Salon, your practitioner will discuss all aftercare instructions, and if your treatment requires a course of procedures, your next appointment will be arranged.


The post-treatment aftercare we offer to all clients

As a client, your care doesn’t end when you leave our Salon. As well as providing you with the relevant information about what to expect following your treatment, we’ll always be happy to hear from you if you have any questions.

In many cases, side effects are to be expected, but these will usually be very minor and will subside within a few hours. Beau Boutique is proud of its high levels of client-satisfaction, and our results see many clients returning time and time and again. We’re happy when you’re happy, and we’ll do all we can to ensure we fulfil your expectations – no matter what it takes.