Muscular Tension / Muscular Pain

Muscle tension, also known as muscle stiffness, occurs when a single muscle or group of muscles remains semi-contracted over a prolonged period of time.

As well as causing movement in the affected area to feel restricted, this concern can also lead to small ‘knots’ and isolated aches. Most cases of muscle tension occur in the neck, upper back / shoulders, lower back and legs. Tension may ease on its own, but if it continues it can lead to muscle pain which can start to affect the overall quality of life. Associated conditions can include: headaches, vertigo, leg cramps and anxiety.

About this Condition

Stress is one of the main causes for muscular tension / muscular pain.

During these times the brain will send messages to the nerves which triggers a protective response whereby the muscles will tighten. The muscles can also become stiff when they experience a new activity or an increase in activity levels, simply as the muscle fibres will tear and need time to repair themselves. Poor posture and injuries such as whiplash can put pressure on the muscles, and dehydration and nutrient deficiencies can disrupt the blood flow needed for effective functioning.

There are many ways a person can help to lower their stress levels and the tension it causes the muscles. Many cognitive and physical therapies can work to relax the body, as well as concentrating on specific areas to loosen tight muscles. Beau Boutique Salon has a dedicated therapist who works wonders to destress the body and induce a calm and relaxed state – physically and mentally.