Semi Permanent Makeup

by Charmaine Harding - Kent's #1 SPMUA


Beautiful bespoke brows that are designed to suit and enhance your natural features.

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Frame & define your eyes and choose between a soft natural effect or a more dramatic look.

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Create a perfect shape and add the look of volume to thin, uneven lips or lips that have lost shape with age.

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Bespoke Semi-Permanent Makeup as Individual as You Are

Semi permanent makeup gives you the look of professionally applied makeup everyday, with natural-looking results that can be as subtle or as dramatic as you want.

Charmaine Harding has become renowned throughout the SPMU (semi-permanent make-up) industry for her ability to tattoo beautifully natural eyebrows that are indistinguishable from the real thing.

The effect is achieved by hypo-allergenic specialist pigments into the dermal layer of your skin. The results fade gradually over 2-3 years, with a “colour boost” recommended around 12-18 months after the initial application – to maintain a fresh look.

Semi permanent makeup is also available to enhance your eyeliner and give full colour to your lips.

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FAQ’s about SPMU

What is Semi Permanent Makeup?

Semi permanent makeup gives you the look of professionally applied makeup everyday, with natural-looking results that can be as subtle or as dramatic as you want.

The effect is achieved by hypo-allergenic specialist pigments into the dermal layer of your skin. The results fade gradually over 2-3 years, with a “colour boost” recommended around 12-18 months after the initial application – to maintain a fresh look.

Why Have Semi Permanent Makeup?

Naturally, everyone wants to look their best at all times, this gives you this everyday! Waking up with perfectly shaped brows, defined eyes and beautiful lips without having to apply makeup, no smudging either.

What if I have specific needs?

You may have specific requirements for semi-permanent makeup such as scars, alopecia, chemotherapy, vitiligo, loss of sight or other health related concerns. Semi-permanent makeup is an extremely beneficial and very successful for these types of medical concerns.

Is Semi Permanent Makeup safe?

We use the highest quality sterile needles, which are disposed of immediately after the treatment is completed. We follow a code of practice that ensures a safe treatment. We choose to work only with top quality pigments that meet European medical standards.

Does it hurt?

We want you to be relaxed during the treatment and in as little discomfort as possible, so we use anaesthetic before and during the treatment.

How long will it take to recover?

Normally the colour will be darker for the first few days. You may experience light to moderate swelling, especially with eyeliner and lip procedures.

After the initial few days, the skin will heal and will begin to gently flake off and the treated area will lighten.

It may be too light for you, so recommend to have  top up around 4-6 weeks after to achieve the best results for you, to refine and perfect.

How long does Semi Permanent Makeup last?

It lasts for many years but we recommend having a colour boost around 12 months after the initial treatment allowing you to maintain a fresh look.

We recommend a colour boost approximately every 1-2 years to maintain the clarity and definition of your Semi Permanent Makeup to keep it looking really fresh.

All treatments are carried out in our luxurious salon in Ashford Kent.

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Charmaine believes that semi permanent makeup is more than just a cosmetic procedure, after all, it’s on your face! However, when correctly designed and applied, semi permanent makeup has the power to transform your confidence completely.

It’s her passion and drive to improve people’s quality of life that has seen Charmaine become recognised as one of the UK’s premier semi permanent makeup artists.

As a result, Charmaine’s clients travel from all over the country to have their procedure carried out and if you taker a look at Charmaine’s latest reviews, you’ll see that satisfaction is guaranteed.

At the salon we are proud to welcome clients from across Kent, including clients based in Ashford, Dover, Folkestone, Canterbury, Whitstable, Broadstairs and Maidstone; as well as people travelling in from London, and beyond.

Treatments are carried out from Charmaine’s her high-end cosmetic salon Beau Boutique located in Ashford Kent the salon is easily accessible either by car from the M20 motorway or the London to Ashford high-speed train.

All Equipment used by Charmaine is modern, and of the highest quality, Beau’s treatment rooms have been designed solely with the application of semi permanent make up in mind.

It is this attention to the small details such as treatment rooms with perfect natural lighting that has seen Charmaine gain her reputation for excellence.

Semi permanent makeup Treatment sessions can take up to two hours. Charmaine recommends that the treatment is carried out in two stages, spaced between four to six weeks apart, giving you a safe, comfortable and gradual process.

Had a bad experience elsewhere and want to start again with us?

We get lots of clients that have had SPMU procedures done elsewhere in the past that they are no longer happy with and they want to start again with one of our technicians.

We cannot cover up existing work but thanks to the fantastic LI-FT Pigment Lightening procedure we are now able to provide an initial course of sessions in order to remove the existing SPMU to create a blank canvas to work from again.

What is LI-FT and what does it do?

LI-FT is a pigment lightening solution formulated for cosmetic tattoos on the face and for areas of body art to lighten tattoos.

Please note: Tattoo lightening with LI-FT is prohibited on areas below the knee, below the wrist and on the genital areas.

It is also prohibited to be used on people with medical conditions that would adversely affect the healing process without written consent from a physician.

Is LI-FT the same as salt saline removal?

Although the product used is salt saline based it does have other (non-acid) ingredients that assist in the chemical reaction in the skin called Osmosis.

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The benefits of having semi-permanent makeup at Kent’s #1 beauty salon by the area’s most respected and experienced technician

Semi permanent makeup is a long term investment as on average; your new semi permanent makeup will last between 3-5 years.

Post-treatment the application of semi permanent makeup in Kent has considerable benefits, including the welcome news that you will no longer need to apply makeup each morning.

All clients benefit from a one on one consultation with Charmaine including a personalised colour analysis that takes into account your unique skin undertones, hair and eye colour.

This process enables Charmaine to blend the colour pigments that will be used to perfect your treatment.

Improve your confidence with the perfect eyebrows or take steps to reverse the natural ageing process with permanent lips, for the best semi permanent makeup in Kent, Contact Charmaine Harding Permanent Cosmetics and arrange your consultation.

Want to train in permanent makeup?

Transform your income with the most comprehensive Beginner’s Eyebrow Course available on the market today!


You will not find 7 full days of intensive, step-by-step training (pre course study and practical combined) with this much detailed content for this price anywhere else. 


Charmaine’s eyebrow course price also includes a digital machine, needles, pigments, and accessories. You will also receive free ongoing support from us for as long as you need it.


Beau Boutique Salon has its own purpose built training academy. In fact, it is the only training academy in Kent that has been specifically designed as a space to train semi-permanent makeup in the most effective way possible so that students can maximise their training experience.

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Semi-Permanent Makeup By Charmaine – SPMU Director

All permanent makeup procedures require a non-refundable/transferrable booking fee/deposit of £75. The balance of your procedure cost is payable upon completion at your initial appointment.

3D Hairstroke Brows

£ 375

by Charmaine - Director

Powder / Ombré Brows

£ 375

by Charmaine - Director


£ 395

by Charmaine - Director

Eyelash Enhancement

£ 325

by Charmaine - Director

Lip Blush

£ 399

by Charmaine - Director

Soft Lip Line

£ 280

by Charmaine - Director

Full Lip Colour

£ 425

by Charmaine - Director

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