Mole Removal

Treatment Results:

Smoother skin

Treatment Time:

20 mins

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Treatment Downtime:


Treatment Frequency:

Once per lesion

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About this Treatment

Nearly all of us have a mole somewhere that we have thought about getting checked but it’s hard to self-diagnose because there is no one look for moles. They come in all shapes and sizes as well as vary in colour, from skin tone to a range of browns or even black. While most are flat, some are raised and soft to the touch. However, ‘normal’ moles should be evenly coloured and will have smooth edges – it’s when changes appear that you should be mindful and seek a professional opinion.

That’s where we come in because unlike public health services, here at Beau Boutique, we can assess and get you a full, clinically validated report on your mole in as little as 24 hours after your in-clinic consultation at either of our locations. Using a specialised lens we will capture detailed images of your mole of concern which we then send off to our UK specialist dermatology partners who will then provide a full analysis of the mole. The report will also include the recommended treatment for one of our specialists to use for actual removal.

We can then book you in for your removal treatments which is usually between 20-30 minutes, following which you will be able to walk away, mole-free and with the added peace of mind that the area will fully heal soft and smooth, never to return.

The procedures we use for removal are quick, practically painless and above all; highly effective. Your initial consultation appointment will include the imaging, full face-to-face discussion and the detailed follow-up report within 24 – 48 hours of the appointment (timings may vary during holiday periods).

Your mole consultation and analysis report at Beau Boutique includes up to three moles. Clients requiring more than three moles in one session to be checked should contact us before booking to check pricing.

Frequently Asked Question

Can you diagnose a cancer?

No. It’s important that you understand that it is not possible to diagnose any cancer from images, and a formal diagnosis requires a biopsy (sample removed under anaesthetic) and histological assessment. However, the consultant’s report that we will provide you with can help us identify a suspicious mole that might need further investigation such as a biopsy.

If you’re concerned about your mole or skin lesion, you should speak to your GP or another medical professional as soon as possible so that they can carry out further tests if needed and a copy of our report can be very useful if you need to go down this route as well as help to accelerate any more formal procedures that may be required as a result.

How quickly will I get results from my consultation?

After you appointment our specialists at BEAU Boutique will then refer your results to one of our UK consultant dermatologists for formal assessment. We will send you a digital report in as little as 24 hours. Your report will include the consultant dermatologist’s opinion on what your mole is, and advice on what steps you should take next and then which procedure, including cost, we will then recommend in order to remove it for you.

Is mole removal at Beau Boutique safe?

Your safety is always paramount at Beau Boutique and we take every precaution to ensure your comfort at all times. Our professionally trained practitioners are fully qualified to carry out both the consultation process as well as the associated procedures for removal, which include cryotherapy and electrolysis. All removals are recommended by independent dermatologists so you can rest assured that the advice and treatment we carry out has been endorsed.

Are there any side effects of mole removal?

There will be no side effects in association of the consultation process, but depending on which treatment is chosen as the best for removal of your own mole (cryotherapy or electrolysis) then immediately after treatment the skin can look red, and feel slightly more sensitive than normal. These effects are to be expected and will usually have disappeared within 24 hours. There may be a slight risk of infection, but this is uncommon and can depend on how carefully you follow aftercare instructions.

We will always be on hand to offer any further advice or answer any queries once you have had your procedure and follow up appointments post-treatment are recommended to check on results.

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