About Beau

Our Locations

Nestled in the South East of England, is the county of Kent – widely known as ‘The Garden of England’.

As a region that boasts beauty and enchantment, Kent is the perfect home for Beau Boutique Salon. Ashford and Tenterden are the chosen locations to house our Salons as they provide the plush, tranquil surroundings that are ideal for Beau. 




The Old Barn is a quaint building that oozes character and charm. It’s the perfect place to perform our advanced skin, beauty and aesthetic treatments, where clients can relax and feel truly pampered.

Our Team

Each team member is dedicated to their own specialist area. As a close team we combine our knowledge and skill to ensure each client achieves an outstanding result.



Beau Boutique Salon in Tenterden is an active part of this warm and friendly community. When you visit our salon you’ll be treated to a serene experience, combined with the luxury and grandeur we’ve injected into our framework.  

Our Team

Our extensive knowledge of cosmetic treatments, along with our high levels of training, ensure we deliver superior results. We’re true people’s people who understand that flexibility is key to our personalised approach.