Crow’s Feet

The small wrinkles that fan out from the outer corners of the eyes are known as crow’s feet.

They are given this name as they can often look similar to a bird’s footprint. You may find as you get older that these wrinkles will appear and disappear as you squint, smile or laugh. However, over time they can become permanent and give the upper face a tired look.

About this Condition

Crow’s feet are primarily caused by repeated facial movement. Smiling, laughing and squinting moves the orbicularis oculi muscles which circle the eyes. Over time, these muscles become tired and contractions will become taut. The effects of this combine with weakened skin (from the loss of collagen and elastin) to form a permanent wrinkle.

When the muscles contract and retract they move the overlying skin, a bit like a concertina. Younger people will find that any creasing of the skin will disappear on movement, but as a person gets older, the crease is more likely to remain.

As the skin on the face is constantly exposed to the sun, wrinkles such as crow’s feet can be more prevalent. UV rays can contribute to the ageing process, and even accelerate its effects.

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