Ear Piercing

Treatment results:

Pierced ears

Treatment time:

Up to 10 minutes

Treatment anaesthesia:

Topical solution

Treatment downtime:


Treatment frequency:

Permanent results

Price from:


About this Treatment

Having ear piercing for the first time can be daunting, especially for our younger clients. That’s why here at Beau Boutique we go out of our way to make it a special and comfortable experience for our first-time ear piercing clients.

You can trust that you are in safe hands having your ears piercing carried out at Beau Boutique in Ashford and Tenterden. The salon is both relaxing and hygienic and our trained professionals will ensure that the experience is both fun and memorable.

At Beau Boutique Salon we use a piercing gun to carry out this procedure. It begins by cleaning the site of the piercing and a topical solution can also be applied to help numb the skin. We’ll mark the placing of the earring and check you are happy before it’s inserted into the gun. The process is very quick as the gun pierces the ear in one shot, and you can choose to have one or both ears adorned. At Beau Boutique Salon we Studex ear piercing products which are exclusively designed to safely pierce the earlobe and outer cartilage of the ear.

As well as the ears, the nose is also a popular choice for a piercing, but this will involve using a needle instead of a gun. Once the hole is made in the skin and through to the nostril (usually in the natural crease of the nose) the nose ring is quickly threaded and sealed on the other side (inside the nostril).

Frequently Asked Question

Who is suitable for ear piercing?

Anyone can request an ear piercing, however, some age restrictions may apply. In some cases we may need to see identification to confirm your age or a legal guardian may need to be present.

Is ear piercing safe?

Our salon is a clean and hygienic environment, and we always use sterile equipment.

Is ear piercing painful?

Ear piercing can cause some minor discomfort, both as the ears are being pierced and for some hours afterwards. However, this is the more comfortable type of piercing and we’ll provide appropriate aftercare instructions to ensure the piercing heals as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Are there any side effects or risks?

Infection is the most common complication following a piercing. Aftercare will include regular application of a cleansing solution, and advice that requests you avoid removing the earring until the wound has healed (approx. 6 weeks). If you start to experience swelling, redness, pain, heat and a yellowy discharge from the piercing please contact the salon.

What results can I expect?

An ear piercing is requested so that ear jewellery can be worn. This can help to brighten up your overall appearance or express your unique identity. The piercing is visible immediately. But, we ask that you continue to wear the earring that has been administered until the 6-week healing period has lapsed when it can be removed and replaced with an earring of your choice.

Ear Piercing Prices

All ear piercing prices includes choice from a selection of standard high quality earrings. Upgrade to deluxe earrings available on the day at extra charge (depending on earring choice) – please as your therapist for more details.

Single ear: £45.00

Both ears: £65.00

Both ears (dual shot): £75.00

The DUAL SHOT option means that TWO therapists will pierce at the same time so each ear is done simultaneously. This option is useful for those slightly apprehensive as well as younger clients too.