Caci Synergy Facial

Treatment results :

Smoother, Lifted Skin

Treatment time :

Approx. 90 Minutes

Treatment anaesthesia :

Numbing Cream on Request

Treatment downtime :


Treatment frequency:

2-3 Times per Week

Price from:


About this Treatment

The award-winning CACI facial is hailed as a non-surgical face lift that is adored by many celebrities, including Kim Kardashian.

In fact, CACI has attracted such a unique celebrity following, that it’s the most publicised cosmetic treatment in the industry’s history so far. Originally developed in the medical field to treat cerebral palsy and strokes, this Hollywood favourite is a treatment that clients of all ages can benefit from.

The CACI synergy facial uses S.P.E.D microcurrent LED technology, orbital dermabrasion, ultrasonic peeling and CACI’s unique ‘Wrinkle Comb’; offering an effective alternative to dermal fillers. By utilising a unique combination of specific waveforms and frequencies that work in harmony with the body’s own bio-electrical field, CACI transmits tiny electrical impulses and signals that have been documented to stimulate muscle tone and enhance skin tissue.

These processes work to gently lift, tighten and tone the facial structure which helps to improve the appearance of lines, wrinkles and sagging skin. Increasing the skin’s hydration is also key when improving its texture, as well as providing the complexion with a fresh and radiant glow.

Following a consultation with one of our practitioners you will be given a personalised treatment plan that consists of a course of deeply relaxing treatment sessions, followed by a maintenance programme of 8-10 CACI sessions each year. This outstanding facial has a range of different options available within its advanced treatment system, so we can tailor the treatment to meet your specific needs.

Frequently Asked Question

Who is suitable for CACI synergy facial?

CACI synergy facial can benefit a range of people experiencing skin ageing at various stages. Those who are starting to notice the early signs of ageing can slow down its progression, whereas those with more advanced effects can effectively ‘turn back the clock’.

Is CACI synergy facial safe?

25 years of research into microcurrent therapy has enabled CACI synergy facial to become one of the most effective facial toning treatments available. As a non-surgical, non-invasive treatment, this unique facial is considered to be very safe.

Is CACI synergy facial painful?

Having performed this treatment countless times at Beau Boutique, our clients would agree that this procedure is painless and causes little to no discomfort.

Are there any side effects or risks?

The techniques used in this treatment may cause some facial redness and / or slight skin sensitivity. We advise clients to avoid wearing makeup for the first 6 hours, wash the treated area using gentle products and warm water, and to always wear a high SPF when exposing skin to the sun.

What results can I expect?

We often recommend a course of up to 10 treatments, carried out 2-3 times per week. The final results are often visible 28 days after the last treatment session, when the appearance will look smoother, lifted and more radiant.

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