Jawline Rejuvenation / Jowls

When thinning skin and volume loss starts to affect the lower part of the face, you may find the need for jawline rejuvenation.

Jowls are a common concern that affects this part of the facial profile, which are characterised by the appearance of sagging skin. This condition will usually affect both sides of the face, and may be accompanied by the appearance of a double chin and sagging skin around the neck (often referred to as ‘turkey neck’).

The appearance of sagging skin around the jaw, chin and neck can often create an unbalanced or heavy look around the lower face.

About this Condition

Like many other concerns that relate to ageing, jowls and sagging skin are the results of weak and thinning skin. Collagen and elastin start to disappear as their production naturally slows down which causes a loss in volume and strength, as well as the skin having less ability to ‘bounce back’. This in turn causes it to sag, which impacts the mid and lower part of the face as the skin falls down towards the jawline.

Rejuvenating the appearance and reducing the effects of volume loss requires the restoration of the inner structure. There are a range of treatments we can use at Beau Boutique to help hydrate the skin and draw moisture to the skin’s cells in order to naturally reestablish volume. This can be combined with your usual at-home skincare routine, for a healthier condition of the skin that lasts over a longer term. Our experienced therapists will assess your skin and its needs on an individual basis so that a suitable solution is recommended, just for you. Regular visits to our salon can help to refresh your appearance and provide your skin with a firmer, lifted look.