Water Retention

Water Retention Water Retention

Water retention can cause swelling in various areas of the body (also known as oedema), including: face, hands, legs, feet and ankles.

In most cases it’s a common occurrence that settles on its own, but in others, it may indicate an underlying medical condition.

Those who are affected by water retention may generally feel heavy, and less nimble than normal. Other symptoms include: feeling bloated around the stomach, stiffness in the joints, fluctuations in weight and puffiness of the stomach, face or hips.  

About this Condition

A build up of body fluids in the tissues is the main cause of water retention.

As the body is made up of around 50-60% water, a dip in fluid levels (such as when the body starts to get dehydrated) will cause the body to hang to water. Fluid build up in the tissues can also be contributed to by long periods of standing or sitting and hormone changes. It’s for these reasons that water retention is common when people are on a plane, and for pregnant women. 

Lifestyle changes can help to relieve the effects of water retention, such as moving around regularly and maintaining good levels of hydration (drinking plenty of water). However, if this condition is thought to be as a result of a health condition, this will need to be identified by a doctor or other medical professional who’ll also help with treatment and management of associated symptoms.