Digital Skin Analysis

Treatment results:

Skin health analysis

Treatment time:

Up to 30 minutes

Treatment anaesthesia:


Treatment downtime:


Treatment frequency:

Every 3-4 months



About this Treatment

The Observ skin analysis is the most comprehensive skin analysis available, enabling your complexion to be viewed in microscopic detail.

When it comes to skincare, Beau Boutique wants to invest in you, and with the Observ Complex Analysis System, we are able to offer our clients nothing but the very best. There is no guesswork used in this type of skin examination, just scientific facts for the recommendation of results-driven treatments.

Observ skin analysis views the health of the skin; how it looks on the outside as well as what’s going on on the inside and is not yet visible.

Its multi-spectral imaging system takes a series of photographs showing the different layers of the skin which can be used to guide us with an on-going, bespoke treatment plan. Close up photos of the face only take a few seconds to develop, and identify areas that need attention, as well as predicting the development of future concerns. The system allows us to monitor the following conditions: wrinkles, skin discolouration, pores, skin tone, sun damage and the production of oil (sebum).

Observ skin analysis is used as part of a comprehensive skin consultation and can be used to monitor the results of treatment recommendations. This system has greatly benefited our patients and the accuracy of our recommendations for truly outstanding results. And best of all, we can actually show you the images so they can see the progress for yourself.

Frequently Asked Question

Who is suitable for an in-depth skin analysis?

An Observ skin analysis is part of all of our skincare consultations on the first visit.

The pain-free process takes approximately 10 minutes to complete and allows our skincare experts to customise treatments to a client’s specific needs.

After the initial evaluation, the analysis is repeated every 3-4 months to ensure treatments are producing the desired results; because we are all about the results here at Beau Boutique and the Observ analysis allows us to show these to our clients and keep working with them to give the absolute best results. We can air drop or email the photographs and report directly to you after the consultation too.

Is the in-depth skin analysis safe?

All the Observ device does is take pictures of your skin, which is completely safe and low risk. Patients can only benefit from having this analysis as part of their consultation, making sure all treatment recommendations are suitable.

Is the in-depth skin analysis painful?

Taking pictures of your skin is completely pain free.

Are there any side effects or risks?

To date, there are no known side effects.

What results can I expect?

Each person will have their own set of results depending on the condition of their skin. This will enable the skincare specialists at Beau Boutique to treat any concerns with more accuracy. The type of treatment we suggest will be tailored to the individual, and aims to produce clear, radiant, youthful skin.

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