Unwanted Hair

Unwanted hair can appear anywhere on the body.

At Beau Boutique we’re often asked by our clients to help create a professionally smooth surface to the skin which requires the removal of hair growth.

Our female clients are more likely to require a focus on: face (peach fuzz), under the arms, legs and bikini line, whereas our male clients prefer to concentrate on: the back, buttocks and chest. Our waxing or dermaplaning treatments provide a short term solution to unwanted hair, with regular visits to the salon helping to maintain a smooth, hair free surface,

About this Condition

Hair grows all over the body which varies in texture and thickness depending on where it is growing. It has many different functions, including: helping to keep the body warm, protecting the skin from the sun, preventing dirt and debris from getting into the eyes and protecting sensitive areas.

As we’ve evolved there are different ways we can protect the skin, from wearing clothes and other accessories to the application of SPF, changing our perception of hair growth. Whilst the hair on our head (and on the face for many men) can help us to express a certain style or a unique identity, much of the hair on our body is considered as unwanted and we look for ways to remove it in order to look more aesthetically pleasing.

For women in particular, noticeable hair growth on the legs or under the arms has become undesirable, and can be thought of as unhygienic and / or unattractive / not feminine. Hair removal can be done at home in a range of ways, including: shaving, waxing, through the use of electrical devices or plucking, but one thing to note is that these methods are temporary as hair will continue to be produced. 

This can often be time consuming and interfere with the smooth running of your daily routine, which is where Beau Boutique can help. Our skilled therapists can take care of this laborious task, and provide clients with a first-class finish.