Nasolabial Folds

When we talk about nasolabial folds we are referring to the lines that run from the corners of your nose, down to the corners of the mouth.

Although these may also be referred to as ‘smile lines’, you may find that you’re not happy with their appearance as they contribute to a tired, aged look. Nasolabial folds will appear differently from person to person, and your natural pattern of ageing will be unique to you. Typically once this concern starts to develop, it will continue to progress and the creases become more pronounced.

About this Condition

If you’re likely to develop nasolabial folds, they may start to appear from around the age of 30+, becoming more prominent when you reach your 40’s or 50’s. There are two main reasons for their development, which is down to the inner skin structure.

The natural ageing process causes the skin to lose collagen and elastin, which affects the overall volume and strength of the skin. The effects of this activity combine with the effects of repeated facial movement which leads to the eventual formation of creases / folds in this area of the face.

The actions of smiling, speaking and making facial expressions uses the muscles in the midface. As these muscles move and contract they form a groove in the underlying tissues which the overlying skin settles into; a visible crease that will usually appear and disappear with skin that has higher levels of elasticity. Over time these muscles will become tired and taut, and the crease / fold will remain a permanent feature.

Maintaining the health of the skin, and doing all we can to encourage the production of collagen and elastin will help to rejuvenate the appearance and reduce the development of nasolabial folds.