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Bespoke permanent jewellery

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30 mins

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About this Treatment

Permanent jewellery is the modern, more stylish equivalent of a friendship bracelet. Whether you and a friend or loved one want to get matching or you just want to treat yourself, our high quality permanent jewellery at Beau Boutique is the perfect bespoke luxury accessory.

Unlike traditional jewellery that has a clasp for easy removal, permanent jewellery is welded together making it a long-lasting statement piece that is as individual as you are.

Our permanent jewellery is a unique and bespoke experience that is incredibly popular for all ages. Once you have chosen what you like, it’s made for you there and then, fitted perfectly to size, before being welded together to make it a seamless piece of perfection.

Permanent jewellery at Beau Boutique is an elegant way to celebrate milestones, memories and friendships. You can choose to enjoy the permanent jewellery experience with a bestie, parent, partner, or simply as a treat for yourself.

The process involves welding a dainty chain together around your wrist or ankle to become a permanent piece of jewellery. Our no-clasp, seamless chains are the ULTIMATE friendship bracelet.

Frequently Asked Question

Which metals are permanent jewellery made from?

Our gold filled permanent jewellery is made out of 14ct gold fill. Multiple layers of gold are heat and pressure bonded to create an extremely durable, hypoallergenic piece of jewellery. The layer of gold is thick enough to make it perfect for everyday wear, and much more affordable than solid gold. If you take care of your gold-filled pieces, they can last a lifetime.

Our sterling silver permanent jewellery items are made of .925 recycled sterling silver. Silver is naturally hypoallergenic and great for everyday wear.

Is permanent jewellery safe?

Yes! Our permanent jewellery welding machines are operated by our fully trained staff and safety equipment is provided at appointments.

Please note that permanent jewellery is not suitable for clients with pacemakers.

Are there age restrictions?

Clients under the age of sixteen must be accompanied by an appropriate adult to give consent.

Can I return permanent jewellery?

No! Due to these being personal to the individual, we will not accept refunds.

What about airports and MRI scans?

All of our jewellery is made of high quality, non-magnetic materials that don’t need to be removed at airport security.

If you need to take your permanent jewellery off for any medical reason, simply cut the jewellery off with a pair of pliers at the jump ring and then keep your jewellery safe and in good condition so it can be welded back on at your convenience.

Is permanent jewellery uncomfortable?

Our experts at Beau Boutique carefully fit the jewellery to each individual clients’ body to give them a “barely there” feel. The difference of adding or subtracting even one link can make a significant difference in how it feels and moves on you which is why each piece is carefully designed and fitted to your exact specification.

Can damaged permanent jewellery be repaired?

The permanent jewellery we create at Beau Boutique is designed to last, but that doesn’t mean it’s unbreakable. Please take care when removing clothing, playing sports etc. to ensure that your jewellery lasts for years to come.

However, if you do break your permanent jewellery and require repairs or re-welding, this can be provided for a small fee. Please contact us for more details.

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Permanent Jewellery Prices

Sterling Silver: £60
14CT Gold Filled: £70

Sterling Silver: £70
14CT Gold Filled: £80

Sterling Silver: £80 – £120
14CT Gold Filled: £90 – £130

Price per added charm: £20 – £30

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