Double Chin

A double chin describes the occurrence of excess skin exposed beneath the chin and around the neck.

This can be an ageing related concern that causes the affected person to feel self-conscious as it’s often associated with weight gain.

A double chin may also appear alongside sagging skin around the jaw (jowls), sagging skin on the neck and neck wrinkles. Depending on its cause, Beau Boutique may be able to provide a suitable solution that tightens the skin and reduces its appearance.

About this Condition

It’s true that a double chin can be the result of weight gain as excess fat accumulates beneath the chin. However, ageing can also be a contributing factor.

When we look at facial ageing and volume loss, the loss of collagen and elastin will cause two effects: the skin will become thinner, and it becomes less able to ‘bounce back’. When gravity also has its say, this will lead to the skin starting to sag around the lower face, including under the chin. Sagging skin in this area can also create a pocket for fatty deposits to sit in, especially if they start to descend as the facial structure weakens. This concern is also associated with those who have a genetically weaker jawline or chin that sits further back towards the neck. In this case it’s common for the skin to be naturally more exposed in this area, giving the impression of a double chin.

Whilst Beau Boutique does not focus on changing the facial structure, we do provide some excellent treatments for improving the quality and condition of the skin. Regular facials and / or non-surgical skin rejuvenating treatments can firm and tighten sagging skin for a fresher, lifted look to the lower face and neck.