Frown Lines / Forehead Lines

Frown lines and forehead lines are one of the more noticeable ageing-related treatments. Both of these concerns affect the upper part of the face (the forehead) although they are different in appearance. Forehead lines generally run horizontally, and can be quite long, whereas frown lines are vertical and smaller in length. In most cases, frown lines appear between the eyebrows, and are often referred to as eleven lines or glabella lines.

About this Condition

The loss of collagen and elastin from the skin as we get older is one of the main causes of conditions such as facial wrinkles. In the case of forehead lines and frown lines, it is also the combination of repeated facial movement that leads to their development.

The forehead plays a part in the way we communicate and make facial expressions as the eyebrows move up and down. It’s the frontalis muscles in the forehead and the corrugator muscles between the brows that are responsible for these movements. The underlying tissues and overlying skin will also move with these muscles, causing a groove to form – a wrinkle. Due to the amount of movements made over the years, the muscles will eventually become tired and contractions will become tight. When this combines with weak skin, the wrinkles will remain permanent and will progress over time, starting as a fine line that becomes more prominent.

Genetics will usually influence the degree of facial ageing, with factors such as: smoking, poor diet, alcohol and sun exposure accelerating the concern. When frown lines and forehead lines start to become a concern, Beau Boutique can provide a range of treatments to improve skin health and keep the appearance looking fresh.