Facial Ageing / Volume Loss

The ageing process affects us all, but how it will play out for you will differ from others.

One thing that can be expected is facial ageing and volume loss which happens as the internal skin structure loses collagen and elastin – the substances that maintain your skin’s fullness and strength.

This will usually begin when you’re in your early – mid 20’s, with production of these proteins slowing down at a rate of around 1-1.5% each year. Over time, this causes the facial contouring to alter as the skin becomes thinner and starts to sag. Losing volume also leads to the development of lines and wrinkles which can contribute to an overall tired / stressed look.

About this Condition

The effects of facial ageing and volume often affect the entire facial profile: the forehead can develop lines, the brow may fall closer to the eyes, the eye area forms wrinkles and eyelids may droop, the cheeks can deflate, the mouth and lips can become thin and turn downwards, and the jawline and neck can develop sagging skin.

Whilst this may all sound a bit gloomy, a visit to Beau Boutique can lift your spirits (and your thinning skin). Our therapists will take an individual approach to your specific facial needs, recommending treatments that are designed to revitalise your complexion, and help put back the substances that are starting to become lost.

Our treatment options are non-invasive and deliver technologies that will induce a naturally rejuvenating response, for subtle, noticeable results. Looking after your skin with the help of an expert can maintain its health and keep a stronger structure for longer.