Dark Circles / Eyebags / Tired Eyes

Tired eyes often refers to the ageing appearance of the eyes whereby dark circles and eyebags have formed.

These concerns are common among adults over the age of 30, and may also be accompanied by crow’s feet wrinkles and puffiness. Dark circles / eyebags / tired eyes can contribute to an overall fatigued look that can affect the rest of the face. In-office treatments such as facials and other aesthetic procedures will often help to provide improved skin health for a fresh, rested appearance.

About this Condition

It’s the development of dark circles and eyebags that leads to the appearance of tired eyes. These concerns are typically the result of thinning skin. As we get older, the underlying skin structure changes as collagen and elastin start to decline. The skin around the eyes is already quite delicate in nature, so when it becomes thinner the blood vessels that are closest to the surface become more visible. This creates a darkening of the area directly below the lower lid; appearing as a ‘dark circle’.

Eyebags affect the area beneath the eye, and are caused by thinning skin that’s losing its stretchy qualities, causing it to sag. This can create a pocket which fatty deposits can sit in, therefore making the eyebag appear puffy. This pocket can also be a place where fluid can accumulate, especially after a good night’s sleep. As well as wrinkles around the eyes, it’s very common for hollow areas beneath the lower lids to also develop along side eyebags. These are known as tear troughs and can contribute to the appearance of eyebags, and even dark circles if puffiness is casting a shadow.

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