If you find a tiny black dot under a small area of hard skin on the sole of your foot, it’s likely to be a verruca.

This type of lesion will be slightly raised from the surface and will feel rough to touch. In some cases a verruca can be uncomfortable, and treatment will need to be sought as exposed verrucas can be contagious. If left untreated, the verruca may continue to grow, which can be aesthetically undesirable as well as becoming at risk of significant discomfort. 

About this Condition

Like warts, verrucas are caused by the HPV virus. How they differ is that a wart can appear anywhere on the body, whereas a verruca will mostly develop on the sole of the foot.

Although the risk is fairly low, they can be passed on from person to person through direct skin contact. Most people associate the development of a verruca with having visited a swimming pool. This is a common place for verrucas to be spread indirectly as the risk is increased to others when the skin becomes damaged or is wet. It is thought that a person is more vulnerable to the development of a verruca if they have a weak immune system.

Treating verrucas is very straightforward, and at Beau Boutique Salon we use the Cryopen. This device delivers freezing temperatures to the core of the verruca which destroys the virus and the tissues which keep it alive.