Brows & Lashes

Treatment Results:

Enhanced appearance of brows / lashes

Treatment Time:

From 15-20 minutes

Treatment Anaesthesia:


Treatment Downtime:


Treatment Frequency:

Every 6 weeks

Available At:

Ashford & Tenterden

About this Treatment

Eyebrow tinting and eyelash tinting is the perfect way to look made up with minimum effort. Your eyebrows and eyelashes will look defined without the slightest bit of makeup, and you can choose a colour which compliments or contrasts with your hair and eye colour, and skin tone.

If you’re not lucky enough to have naturally bushy brows and luscious lashes then tinting is a quick and easy way to make your eyes look larger and lashes look longer. Blondes, red heads and those with a fair complexion particularly benefit from the added definition.

Even dark hair gets lightened by the sun, with the ends and lower lashes often barely noticeable. Tinting is great if you lead an active lifestyle, whether that’s playing sport or just wanting to look good in any sort of weather. Tinting is also great for anyone considering having semi-permanent makeup in the future as this short-term treatment will allow you to see the benefits of not having to use mascara, or to pencil in your eyebrows every day.

This treatment involves the application of a semi permanent dye containing a formula of phenylenediamine (PPD) and hydrogen peroxide. It’s the PPD that gives the tint its tone, and the hydrogen peroxide (a weak acid) that provides oxygen to activate the solution. The hydrogen peroxide used is a much lower concentration than the type that’s used in hair dyes, making it much safer to use in this sensitive area.

Frequently Asked Question

Who is suitable for Eyebrow & lash wax tint?

The eyebrow & lash wax / tint can help to improve the shape and tone of the eyebrows and lashes. Your specific treatment may include either one or both of these procedures, depending on the result you’re looking to achieve.

Is the eyebrow & lash wax / tint safe?

Before we go ahead with this treatment we’ll need to carry out a patch test, and discuss the possibility of any contraindications.

Is the eyebrow 7 las wax / tint painful?

This lash & brow tinting process is not painful, and the skill of our practitioners ensures the tint is applied with precision. With waxing, a slight scratching sensation which only lasts momentarily. Repeating the treatment regularly will lessen any discomfort as hairs tend to grow back finer.

Are there any side effects or risks?

The reason we do a patch test before eyebrow & lash tinting is to establish the risk of an allergic reaction – which is the most likely side effect. With eyebrow waxing the skin may look red immediately following treatment, but this will ease fairly quickly.

What results can I expect?

You can expect immediate results from the eyebrow & lash wax / tint treatment. The effects often last up to 6 weeks, and repeating the procedure can maintain the outcome. Typically, the eyebrows and eyelashes will look more defined, with an improved shape.