Small / Flat Bottom

Your individual appearance will determine if you have a small / flat bottom.

This feature may not possess the curves in this area of the body that others may do, with the derriere sitting more flush to the contours of the lower back and / or thighs.

Many people (especially women) prefer the appearance of pert buttocks these days, as it’s a common, desirable trend. It’s often felt that a fuller bottom is more aesthetically pleasing and clothes fit more suitably over buttocks that are more rounded and adequate in size.

About this Condition

Genetics will be the main reason for your small / flat bottom. These will be passed on to you from your biological parents causing your entire appearance to resemble that of your blood relatives. For some, this may not necessarily be the parents, but could be an aunt, uncle or grandparent. 

There are other factors that may cause a small / flat bottom which are associated with lifestyle, especially those who are less active or have a job that requires significant periods of sitting. This can cause a loss in muscle mass which results in the buttocks becoming flatter. Ageing can also contribute to a flat bottom as some body fat is naturally lost, which may also lead to buttocks that look a little saggy. 

One of the most effective ways to increase muscle mass and produce stronger, more rounded gluteal muscles is to increase activity levels. EMSculpt is a popular procedure that focuses on specific areas to build muscle, as well as burning any excess fat.

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