Shape up for summer with our brand new treatment!

What exactly is Body Reshaping?

At Beau Boutique we are committed to seeking out, acquiring and offering our clients the VERY BEST when it comes to cutting-edge beauty and aesthetic treatments. We are extremely proud to have teamed up with Pureskin International to offer ReShape – the revolutionary and results-driven new solution to body and face reshaping. The process is painless, straightforward and uses tested advanced technology to guarantee results like nothing else on the market today.

Guaranteed Results On Both Face And Body Areas:

ReShape produces visible results from the very first session. The 4 technologies if used simultaneously act in synergy to produce dramatic results on the face and body.

ReShape treats cellulite reducing orange peel skin, it remodels the body, it reactives tissue metabolism – increasing microcirculation and oxygenation – it tones up tissues fighting skin laxity and it gives lifting effects to face and decollete from the first session.