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Permanent Eyeliner: The look of professionally applied makeup everyday without the hassle!

Permanent eyeliner helps to define your eyes on a daily basis without the need to spend ages in front of the mirror every morning.

You can choose between a soft and natural look or a thicker more dramatic look and there are a range of colour pigments including intense black, olive, blues, greys and more so you can choose the right shade to match your look.

Most of our clients decide to have colour put on both the top and bottom of eye which helps to frame and make the eyes look bigger.

Your eyes are closed throughout this semi permanent makeup procedure and anaesthetic is applied to give you a pain free experience.

If you can’t decide if you would like a natural or dramatic effect, we can start with natural and then when you come back for your top up treatment we can easily add to it for more dramatic effects.

Permanent eyeliner will give your eyes a new and improved definition. Colour pigments available include the modern classic dark black; other popular colour pigments are; olives, blues, and greys.

Many of our clients want their eyes to look bigger; we are often asked to create this effect. Permanent eyeliner, when applied to the top and bottom of the eye, creates a frame which will make the eye itself look Larger.

Your eyes will be closed during the process, and anaesthetic is used to make the application of your permanent eyeliner pleasant and pain-free.

Unsure whether you would like natural or a more dramatic permanent eyeliner?

If you are not sure about the look you would like to achieve. Charmaine can apply the eyeliner in a natural style; this will give you the chance to get used to your new permanent eyeliner.

Should you then decide before your top up appointment that the dramatic look is for you, Charmaine will add to the eyeliner to create your desired result.

Achieving your desired result…

Charmaine provides an in-depth personal consultation; this gives Charmaine the opportunity to understand the look you would like to achieve, this pre-treatment meeting also enables Charmaine to understand which colour pigments will be best for your skin tone.

The result of permanent eyeliner is most profound when applied to compliment the natural contours of your face. This approach leaves your eyes looking perfectly natural and ready to face the world with newly discovered confidence.

Charmaine is Kent’s elite permanent eyeliner technician and continually attends industry training courses to keep abreast of the latest techniques.

Throughout the years Charmaine has improved the self-confidence of countless women in Kent and London, considering permanent eyeliner application?

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Who should have permanent eyeliner?

Who should have permanent eyeliner:

  • Women who want their eyes to look less ‘bare & unnoticeable’ without make up
  • People who don’t want to apply eyeliner everyday
  • People who want perfectly shaped eyeliner that wont smudge!
  • People with fair lashes
  • When eyelashes are missing or thin
  • Sporty people
  • For people who are visually impaired
  • Contact lens wearers & Hayfever sufferers
  • People that are sensitive to everyday make up
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Permanent eyeliner is the perfect way to have the look of professionally applied eye makeup every day but without the hassle.