Brows by Georgia

Meet Georgia

Georgia has trained extensively under our director Charmaine and quickly become highly adept and skilled at semi permanent makeup, specialising in stunning ombré brows and beautiful lip colour. We are very proud to have her as an SPMU technician and part of the team here at Beau Boutique Salon.

What are Ombré Brows?

A powder of colour which gives you the look of natural made up brows; or block brows, a more dramatic brow. Georgia is already an expert at this style of permanent makeup and she will make sure you have the brows you have always wanted – no more daily drawing on!

Lip Colour – why have it?

This is great for people with thin or uneven lips, or lips that have lost shape with age, as it helps to create a perfect shape and add the look of volume.

There are a wide selection of pigment colours to choose from.

How does it work?

It’s a good idea to bring any photos or magazine clippings of the look you would like to achieve. The semi permanent makeup treatment will commence with the creation of a template drawn onto the skin with a cosmetic pencil.

Once you are 100% happy with this template, the next step is to anaesthetise the skin. Georgia will then allow the anaesthetic to take full effect whilst deciding on the perfect colour pigment to use in order to compliment your colourings.

To help with pain management more anaesthetic will regularly be applied throughout the treatment to allow you comfort.

The treatment lasts between 1.5 – 2 hours and after the semi-permanent eyebrow treatment you will then be given full aftercare advice and arrange the date for you to come back for your top up 4-6 weeks later.

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Semi-Permanent Makeup by Georgia

Powder/ Ombré brows

£ 249

by Georgia - Technician

Lip Colour

£ 220

by Georgia - Technician

12 Month Colour Boost

£ 125

by Georgia - Technician

18 Month Colour Boost

£ 150

by Georgia - Technician