Bespoke Decléor Massage

Bespoke Decléor Massage 1

Personalised Aromablend

Bespoke Decléor Massage 2

Personalised Massage

Bespoke Decléor Massage 3

Aromatherapy Signature

Aromablend: a completely new tailor-made approach to massage

This personalised approach to massage and body leaves lasting skin transformation.

This highly effective massage is bespoke to you and your refining and firming needs. Your therapist will blend a fusion of Essential Oils and plant oils to focus on what you would like to achieve and how you would like to feel.

Your body will feel recharged and your emotions balanced.


£ 60

60 mins


£ 30

30 mins

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Aromatherapy Signature: this massage is all about you!

This really is the ultimate massage experience; a true self-indulgence.

Following an in-depth consultation with your personal massage therapist, she will specialise this treatment and dedicate her time to selecting the perfect oils and massage style to suit your needs.

You can then drift away, relax and enjoy the experience.

Aromatherapy Signature Face & Body Massage

£ 79

85 mins

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