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CACI - the non-surgical facelift

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Looking for a CACI Facial in Ashford? Then look no further! 

The CACI facial system is a series of non-surgical face lifts that are perfect for those needing high precision results.

This treatment gently lifts, tightens and tones the facial muscles whilst smoothing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Your skin is beautifully re-hydrated whilst tone and texture is improved leaving you with wonderful glow and a firmer, more supple appearance.

Never wanting to be left behind with developments in the industry, we are very excited to introduce the NEW CACI Facial Synergy system to Beau Boutique Tenterden.

The CACI Synergy facial system combines the functionality of Caci’s two best-selling systems, the CACI Ultra and the CACI Ultimate and introduces pioneering S.P.E.D™ micro-current LED technology, a breakthrough new advancement in micro-current therapy.

Caci facial synergy machine

CACI Synergy at Beau Boutique

CACI Facial in Ashford – An award-winning treatment!

The CACI Facial Synergy treatment at Beau Boutique is the official and original facial that has everyone talking!

Originally developed in the medical field to treat cerebral palsy and strokes this Hollywood A-lister favourite is something that all age ranges can benefit from.

The award-winning CACI facial is hailed as a non-surgical-facelift that has attracted adoration from celebrities including Kim Kardashian.

In fact, CACI has attracted such a unique celebrity following, it is the most publicised beauty treatment in the industry’s history.

CACI facial clients include famous faces from the world of show business, music, media and royalty. CACI offers, for the first time, a serious alternative to surgery in an increasingly appearance conscious world.

The CACI Synergy offers: new S.P.E.D™ microcurrent LED technology, orbital dermabrasion, ultrasonic peeling and CACI’s unique Wrinkle Comb (a non-invasive alternative to dermal fillers).

The CACI facial treatment programme consists of a course of deeply relaxing treatment sessions followed by a maintenance programme of 8 to 10 CACI treatments each year.

With so many treatment options available, we can now offer a complete range of anti-ageing and skin rejuvenation solutions using just one advanced treatment system at Beau Boutique Tenterden.

Does CACI get rid of wrinkles?

CACI Facial Treatments & Prices

CACI Facial Treatments. Get rid of wrinkles and fine lines with our advanced CACI facial treatments.

CACI anti-wrinkle treatments are a non invasive, cost effective alternative to fillers that give immediate results.

The facial itself is an LED light therapy where warm, coloured light penetrates deep into the skin. Micro current facial toning is then combined with the light therapy to regenerate tissue and help repair collagen.

The CACI facial facelift process helps to tighten and tone sagging muscles whilst smoothing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

The dual tipped probes increase the effect on muscle producing immediate and dramatic results over a course of treatments

Read more about our CACI facials and treatments below.

P.S. We also offer PAYMENT PLANS for courses of CACI treatments booked – contact us for more details.

caci facial

CACI Synergy Treatments & Prices

Click each treatment option for more information & key benefits!

Synergy Non-Surgical Facial Toning - £87.50

This Caci facial combines the CACI signature Non-Surgical facial toning with the skin rejuvenation benefits of both the Ultra and Ultimate treatments.

It also introduces our breakthrough S.P.E.D Micro-current LED technology which uses light therapy to enhance results providing the very best in CACI Non-Surgical Facial Toning.

Ultrasonic peeling and orbital microdermabrasion are used to exfoliate leaving a brighter, smoother complexion.

Micro-current impulses combined with LED light therapy will then lift and tone the face and neck, followed by CACI’s unique Wrinkle Comb to target fine lines and wrinkles.

90 minute treatment
Synergy Purifying Facial - £45

The CACI Synergy Purifying facial targets blemishes, age spots and pigmentation.

It combines anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory red and blue LED light therapy to help heal the skin and trigger tissue repair.

The treatment uses the new S.P.E.D micro-current LED technology to enhance results by combining CACI micro-current high brilliance LED light therapy and ultrasonic peeling.

We can also use controlled orbital microdermabrasion, to exfoliate the skin and reveal a brighter, smoother complexion.

45 minute treatment
Synergy Skin Rejuvenation - £45

The Ultimate Skin Rejuvenation treatment uses ultrasonic peeling or controlled orbital microdermabrasion to exfoliate and deeply cleanse the skin.

This leaves you with a brighter, smoother complexion.

CACI’s unique Wrinkle Comb will then target fine lines and wrinkles providing a non – invasive alternative to collagen injections with LED light therapy to heal and trigger tissue repair.

This Caci facial is completed with the CACI Hydro Mask that intensively hydrates and nourishes the skin.

The CACI Hydro Mask has a soothing and calming action on the skin that immediately reduces the appearance of skin redness and irritation.

It contains intensive moisturising properties that replenish sun-damaged and dehydrated skin.

The CACI Hydro Mask also contains powerful antioxidant ingredients and helps to smooth and soften the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

45 minute treatment
Synergy Hydratone Facial - £75

CACI Deluxe Non-Surgical Facial Toning is perfect for those clients who want an intense version of the 1 hour Signature Non- Surgical Facial Toning treatment for enhanced results.

Hydratone uses an intensive, anti-ageing Hydro Mask that will instantly rehydrate, revitalise and plump the skin. 

Hydratone combines active microcurrent rollers which restore muscle tone, firmness and propel the ingredients deep into the skin. 

It has an immediate cooling effect that will soothe and calm any skin redness and irritation.

75 minute treatment
Synergy Signature Non-Surgical Facial Toning - £60

CACI’s signature Non-Surgical Facial Toning is an advanced non-invasive facial, with twenty years medical research behind it.

Micro-current impulses will lift and tone the facial muscles and the neck area, whilst improving skin elasticity and reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

This gives a more youthful appearance over a course of one-hour treatment sessions and our qualified CACI facial trained team are on hand to advise and recommend courses available for the best results.

60 minute treatment
Synergy Eye Lift - £40

The CACI Eye Lift will work to lift and firm the muscles around the eye area, particularly where people tend to lose definition as they age, known as ‘hooded eyes.’

This treatment will also help smooth the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

30 minute treatment
Synergy Jowl Lift - £40

The CACI Jowl Lift has been developed to specifically target muscle laxity around the jawline which can cause drooping jowls and loose skin.

This treatment is specially designed to lift and firm the muscles and refine facial contours to give a firmer, more toned appearance.

30 minute treatment
Synergy Eye Revive - £40

The CACI Eye Revive treatment uses serum filled CACI micro-current rollers together with a deeply nourishing Hydro Eye Mask.

The revive treatment works to lift hooded eye lids, reduce puffiness and dark circles and soften the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes.

40 minute treatment

CACI Synergy - the best of both!

CACI Synergy Facial 3

The new CACI Synergy system combines the functionality of the two best performing systems, the CACI Ultra and the CACI Ultimate and introduces pioneering S.P.E.D™ micro-current LED technology, a breakthrough new advancement in micro-current therapy.

For the first, our skincare specialists are able to harness the power of LED light therapy at the same time as using micro-current.

The dual action of simultaneous LED and micro-current energy stimulates tissue regeneration and helps in the production of collagen. The synergy of these two technologies provides more visible and longer lasting results.

The CACI Synergy offers: new S.P.E.D™ micro-current LED technology, orbital dermabrasion, ultrasonic peeling and CACI’s unique Wrinkle Comb (a non-invasive alternative to dermal fillers).

Important: Treatment is not advised for the following conditions – All forms of cancer, pregnancy, epilepsy, diabetes, heart condition/pacemaker, thrombosis, facial implants, skin disease.

Areas treated with Botox, we advise you to wait 3 months before treatment and with Dermal Fillers wait 2 weeks.

caci facial

CACI Synergy at Beau Boutique Tenterden

CACI Synergy Facial 4

The CACI Facial Synergy system operates exclusively from our Tenterden salon: Beau Boutique Tenterden.

Our qualified therapists are experts in the Caci Facial treatments and many of our Tenterden clients visit us regularly for their courses.

Indeed, treatment results are often so dramatic that CACI has become known as “The non-surgical face lift.”

By utilising a unique combination of specific waveforms and frequencies that work in harmony with the body’s own bio-electrical field, CACI transmits tiny electrical impulses and signals that have been documented to stimulate muscle tone and enhance skin tissue.

A CACI non-surgical face lift is an electronic beauty treatment using a CACI machine and is available at our beautiful Beau Boutique Tenterden.

Situated at the top of Tenterden high-street, the stunning Grade 2 listed building is the perfect setting for luxury treatments and indulgent, results-driven treatments like the Caci facials.

Please contact us if you have any questions at all prior to booking or if you would like to arrange a consultation with one of our therapists on treatment options and courses.


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