Botox by a Harley Street Medic

Forehead Smoothing

Frown Lines

Gummy Smile

Botox administered by a fully qualified and registered medic at Beau Boutique Salon

Ms Durmila Rana is a qualified and registered dental nurse from Ashford, Kent. She completed her aesthetic training in Harley Street from Avanti Aesthetics Academy and London Academy of Aesthetic Medicine (LAAM) and is both qualified and experienced in Botox treatments for both women and men.

“I believe beauty comes in different forms and each of my client / patient gets a tailor made treatment plan.”

The bespoke nature of each treatment means that each client receives a full consultation prior to any Botox treatment to ensure the results are both effective and natural.

All of our Botox infections follow the strict medical guidelines set out by the NHS so you can rest assured you are in safe hands.

Botox to combat the signs of age

Everyone wants to look their best but as age creeps in, the lines and wrinkles begin to appear – this is where Botox can help. One of the most popular methods to combat the signs of age, Botox is becoming increasingly used by men and women to keep them looking younger and healthier for longer.

Botox considerations and concerns

  • You WILL still be able to frown and smile.
  • Botox will NOT make your face rigid and unable to move at all.
  • You will not have visible signs of cosmetic surgery as Botox is a non-invasive treatment.
  • Our nurse will always ensure your Botox results are completely natural looking and leave no signs of the process itself.

Please contact us to book in a consultation at our next Botox clinic or to check availability.

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Nose Botox - Bunny lines / nasal flare / nasal tip lift

£ 109

Forehead - forehead/ frown / crows feet

£ 100+

1 Area: £100 | 2 Areas: £150 | 3 Areas: £199

Lip Flip Technique

£ 109

Smokers Line

£ 109

Gummy Smile

£ 109

Pebbled Chin

£ 109


£ 299

Hyperhydrosis / Excessive Sweating

£ 399

Nefertiti Neck Lift / Turkey Neck Treatment

£ 299

Full Face Botox

£ P.O.A.

Subject to consultation

Get in touch to discuss how our qualified Botox nurse can help you reduce the signs of ageing